Friday, May 10, 2013

151 Effect and Extraordinary Art Studio Secrets by Marjorie Sarnat


In her own artistic journey, author Marjorie Sarnat has discovered, improvised, learned, and gathered a wide array of hands-on tips, techniques, and inspirations for making art. Now she has collected them in this book, 151 Uncommon and Amazing Art Studio Secrets, and offers them for avid artists of any level. This body of knowledge is presented as quick and simple text passages organized into 12 sections.

My Review

My oldest has quite an artistic ability and she and I reviewed both of Ms. Sarnat books together. 

We both learned a lot from her book as well got a lot of great ideas.  The tips she gave would be great for a beginning artist as well as an experienced one.

Something I never thought of was, "The Fabulous Five".  We all know the five basic shapes; Circle, Square, Triangle, Oval, and Rectangle.  But I never thought that every subject is made up of some part of the five shapes!

I would highly recommend her books to anyone who dabbles as an artist, has thought of becoming an artist but wasn't sure where to start, and to teachers who are looking for ways to inspire their students.

Thank you to Marjorie Sarnat for the complimentary book for my review.

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