Friday, May 10, 2013

The Language of Blessing by Joseph Cavanaugh III


Most people have no idea who they were created to be, nor what their own unique gifts and talents are. So how can we recognize and affirm these things in others—especially if we were not encouraged ourselves as we were growing up? How can we change course and learn a language of blessing that will lead to positive change in all of our key personal and professional relationships? In The Language of Blessing, Joe Cavanaugh gives us practical tools to recognize our own gifts and those of others and to use our newfound “language” to bless the ones we care about, breaking a destructive generational cycle and setting a new course for our loved ones’ futures.

My Review

I enjoyed reading this book!  This book is very interesting and easy to read.  As we go on in life, sometimes it's easy to lose track of ourselves and what makes us us. 

The only complaint I have about the book is that there isn't much of a scripture reference as it's more of a self help book.

Would I recommend this book?  Yes, if someone is looking for a self help book.  No, if they are looking for scripture resources.

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