Monday, May 13, 2013

Woman to Woman by Daniela Granzotto, Psy.D


In Woman to Woman you will read about women who experienced such challenges, as well as those who were able to find fulfillment in their romantic relationships. In their own words, they talk about marriage, sex, infidelity, divorce, and single life. Entwined within their stories, Dr. Granzotto discusses critical issues that characterize a healthy intimate relationship. In the same way that a woman speaks intimately to another, she provides her expert knowledge and insight that will empower you with a better understanding of yourself and your love life.

My Review

How many times have we sat down to read a book on relationships and end up being lost by the time the book was over?  Or felt like the book was just about the Author and their life with no helpful insight or words of encouragement?

I know there are times I have been so frustrated when reading books on relationships.   I am always a bit apprehensive when I am asked to review a book on relationships.  They are usually all over the spectrum.  I am usually either lost, bored, feel worse than I was before I started reading the book, or just give up half way through the book.

I was very pleasantly surprised when I started reading Dr. Granzotto's book!

Woman to Woman is a very well written, easy to read book.  I appreciated the fact the book wasn't about the Author nor was she promoting her business, website, or herself.

Woman to Woman focuses on stories from real women who have been in a wide variety of relationships. 

After each story, there is a discussion and Dr. Granzotto discusses each situation in no nonsense terms.  She talks to you, the reader, like you are sitting right there next to her.  And she relays different parts of her life in the book as well. 

In the book she also reminds us "that we need to take responsibility by reflecting on our own choices, acting with appropriate caution, and having a firm grasp on reality". 

There are 17 chapters in this book and they are as follows

1.  Married and lonely
2.  I felt like a sex object
3.  I couldn't take it anymore
4.  I lost my self esteem
5.  My mother in law shred me to pieces
6.  It all began with friendship
7.  I fantasized that marriage would be an eternal honeymoon
8.   My husband changed
9.   We don't listen to each other
10.  I feel worn out
11.  My husband cheated on me
12.  My life is so much better
13.  I need you dad
14.  We're best friends and lovers
15.  I'd like more affection
16.  I've always feared getting married
17.  Women's Words of Advice

We all can relate to at least one of the chapters.  That's another reason I highly recommend this book for all women!  This would be a great gift to buy any woman in your life!

Thank you to Dr. Daniela Granzotto for providing me with a complimentary copy of the book for my review.

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