Thursday, June 6, 2013

Let's Go Shopping: A guide for the Fashionably Challenged book review! - NEW GIVEAWAY!

Did that title catch your attention?  When I was contacted by the author, I thought does she know me?!?  LOL!  I kid you not!  I am VERY fashionably challenged!  Give me jeans and a t-shirt and we are good to go!  But I really want to be more fashionable!  And now thanks to "Let's Go Shopping: A guide for the Fashionably Challenged" book, I feel more confident to try!

After reading the book, I really appreciate Tia's enthusiasm and encouragement!  This book is a MUST for any ladies in your life!  She also shares her own mishaps.  We ALL know of our own fashion mishaps.  I can actually think of MANY!  Especially a certain hairstyle I had at one time....and we all know hair takes a while to grow out!  YIKES!

Tia speaks to her readers in a very easy to read method.  And she gives REAL advice for the REAL woman!

To learn more about Tia Shorts, click here to go to her Amazon page!

Here is also a link to her YouTube video!  This is a must see!

I highly recommend this book! 
So that you can get your own FREE copy of this book, we are giving copies away to 3, YES 3 lucky readers!!!!!

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Thank you to Tia Shorts for providing me with a preview copy for my review.

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