Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Mr. Joe Tales of a Haunted Life by Joe Barnett and Jane Congdon


Do you believe in ghosts? Joseph Barnett didn't until he became a school custodian in a midlife career change. Joe had no idea that his first assignment, working nights in a kindergarten school would force him to confront his darkest fears. "Ghosts are part of my story," says Joe. "I believe in them; I have no choice. After you've seen one ghost, you believe. I know what I saw and heard. Here's something else I know: there are many ways to be haunted, and not all of my ghosts were dead. That's the other part of my story. I grew up with an alcoholic mother and it was later in life and took almost becoming a ghost myself for me to see my life differently. I believe in ghosts, and finally, I believe in myself. But back when this all started, I was just a guy trying to make a living.”

My Review

When I first heard about the book, I was both intrigued and apprehensive.  For me, when there is a discussion on ghosts, I immediately put up a guard.

However, knowing that in life, we all have a past and have encountered pain, I couldn't wait until this book arrived.

This is a memoir about Mr. Joe.  I really loved reading this story!  It is a very easy read and I really felt like I got to know Mr. Joe.  I could easily picture everything in the book and easily imagined the school, Glen Ferris, and other events and places in his life.

Mr. Joe has went through so much and the ghosts he has encountered both in his life as well as the ghosts he encountered, made me feel sad for Mr. Joe.  What he went through, just as a young boy was devastating.  Then with everything else that happened, it's amazing he has survived.  

I love the fact that he wrote his story with his sister, Jane.  Thank you for sharing your story!  I feel like I personally know Mr. Joe now and I wish you well.

I highly recommend reading this book!

Thank you to Joe Barnett and Jane Congdon for providing me with the free review copy of this book. 

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