Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Can't and Able - An Inspirational Story by Cynthia Fabian


What does it feel like when you just can't do what the other kids, I mean stars, do? Can't kept trying, but he never seemed to shine as brightly as the other stars, and was always teased and bullied by others. Can't feels that he is less than the other stars and just cannot shine. It wasn't until Can't realized he Can, that everything changed for him. Find out how Can't became a hero and ultimately became Can. Able is the star who had it all. Able helps Can't to realize that he can really shine. Connect with Can't, Able, and all the stars that live in their neighborhood and beyond in the star-studded children's book Can't and Able: An Inspirational Story. The colorful artwork by Daniel Stevens creates beauty and fun throughout the universe. And as we all know, the star is the limit! Originally from New York City, Cynthia Fabian now enjoys meditation and the quiet life in Somerset, New Jersey. "I grew up with a disorder. I always felt like I could not shine, just like Can't. When I became a teacher, I saw many children that were experiencing the same difficulties. They were teased and often felt smaller. This book is for all of you, struggling and not knowing how to change your circumstances. If you simply believe, you can change your own circumstances. Believe in yourself and you will see the wonders of change are in your power."

My Review:

My oldest Frugal really loved the book.  We talked about the message that they gathered from the book.

The characters in this book are stars.  Can't and Able are both stars.  Can't feels he is not as good as the other stars.  This book touches on bullying as Can't is picked on by the other stars. 

For younger children, I would suggest reading the book over a few days.  Even though it's only around 25 pages long, it still can be long for a little one who has an attention span of a few minutes.

I highly recommend this book.  It would be a great addition to any child's library.  And it will be a great tool for discussion about "Can't, Can, and Able".

I give this book 5*****

Thank you to the author for providing me with a review c

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