Wednesday, July 3, 2013

diva Pearl the Pekingese by Miss Pearl and Vicki Gattuso


Life After Showbiz is an intimate portrayal of the World's most beautiful Pekingese, a divine white bombshell so pretty, even Mr. Winkle declared his love for her! After many years of retirement, Miss Pearl steps out of her pink carriage to pMiss Parroclaim "It's time for a lady dog star". Make room for little Diva Pearl! Within the pages of this book are not only stunning pictures of one of the World's most glamorous dogs, but also her unique story. Pearl reveals various aspects of her life from her lineage, her career, her near death experience, her favorite activities and the special people in her life from her Nanny to her Fashion designer and an opportunity to see the world through her eyes. A famous musician was so inspired by Pearl's beauty, he composed a ballad for her, so she has her own song "Miss Pearl's Song". This might be a first! Best in Show (Westminster 2012) Grand Champion Malachy endorses Diva Pearl the Pekingese book and wrote the forward, plus he included a bonus picture of himself, from his private collection. Pearl keeps making history as she was Miss January 2012 Cover girl for a dog magazine, years after retirement, another first! Pearl is not just another Pekingese, she is a sleeve Pekingese weighing just over 6 pounds. In ancient China, sleeve Pekingese were considered very rare and Imperial rulers would stick them up their sleeves. Temples were built for worshipping them! Commoners were not allowed to look at Pekingese, let alone look at a white Sleeve. Pearl welcomes you to look at her. Thank Goodness times have changed! Diva Pearl is a an affable, imaginative princess who loves and is loved by many. Yes, she has had her share of struggles but she's had many comebacks to prove it. Diva Pearl is for kids of all ages and dog lovers who appreciate beauty and want to be inspired by a little fluffy dog. Diva Pearl's story is about comebacks..guaranteed to lift spirit and touch your heart!

My Review

My little Frugals LOVE this book!  I also really enjoyed reading about Miss Pearl!  The story is all about Miss Pearl who is a retired show dog.  You will learn about Miss Pearl, her life, the history of the Pekingese breed, and about Miss Pearl's family.

This is a feel good book that all members of your family will enjoy reading. 

I also like "Pearls of Wisdom".  Those are gentle reminders for all of us!

I highly recommend this book!  This is a great book for your childrens library!

I give this book 5 *****.

Thank you to the author for providing me a review copy of this book as well as a cd of Miss Pearl's song!

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