Monday, September 23, 2013

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If You Were Me and Lived in ...Norway by Carole P. Roman


Join Carole P. Roman on a trip to the Northern Hemisphere and learn about Norway- The Land Of the Midnight Sun. In this exciting series, children are able to read about the many things we share in this great, big world of ours. If You Were Me and Lived in...Norway describes many things that make that country unique and fun. Readers will be able to learn about the capital, common names, a beloved holiday, as well as favorite food and other fun facts. This book is an excellent introduction for those beginners who want to learn about the many thrilling places and great people who share our planet.

My Review:

This is the second book that I have been privileged to review by Ms. Roman. 

I really like how fun and exciting that she has made learning about other countries!  My oldest enjoys reading books like these and we always spend time talking about the country, trying to pronounce the words that are included in the book, and we always do more research about each country.

This book is perfect for libraries, a child's own library, and a Social Studies teacher's library.

The writing is done in a way that children from ages Pre-K and up can understand. 

Ms. Roman does a terrific job in making learning about other cultures and countries fun!

Thank you to the author for providing me with a complimentary copy of the book for my honest review.

Slag by Joyce V. Harrison



In 1970, Anna Sorenson must make a decision that could drastically change her life as she journeys to the mining town in Northern Canada that she left fifteen years before, vowing never to return. She hopes to find answers in her past for the dilemma she now faces by revisiting events from her last year in high school. In that winter of 1955, Anna struggles to free herself from the tyranny of her mother and to resolve her conflicted feelings about a boy whose Cree Indian blood makes him off limits in her circle. As her dysfunctional family heads into crisis, so does the town: a union conflict turns ugly, the hockey team battles for the championship, and bitter cold weather delivers an unforeseen disaster. “Slag” paints a gritty portrait of life in the Far North and offers a glimpse into the Fifties generation when rock and roll arrived and the strict social fabric began to unravel.

My review:

I really enjoyed this book.  From beginning to end, I was able to read it straight through in under three hours!  It read that easily!

In Slag, you will go back to the 1950s.  The 1950's was, I think, one of the most defining times in our country.  Our country was still young and new artists like Elvis Presley were becoming well known.  Crisis's that are more common place now, were not then and sometimes changed your life in ways you never expected.

In this novel, you will meet Anna who is going through one of the toughest times as a young adult, their Senior year in high school.  Combine into that the problems in the town, the school hockey team, the unbelievable disaster that happens, her family problems, and her relationship with a young man who is part Cree Indian and you will be able to see what set in place a pivotal change in Anna's life. 

Unlike many novels, this book doesn't focus totally on Anna.  You will learn about other characters in the book and you will see how all of them are a very important part of her life.

Then you will travel forward 15 years, to another defining moment in Anna's life.  One that by going back and revisiting the town she grew up in, helped her decide on a new path.

This book was very well written, flowed very well and I enjoyed reading it.

Thank you to the author for providing me a copy for my review.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Bumper Wipe Clean Activities, by Juliet David


Wipe clean and start again! Seventy-two pages of wipe clean fun activities with a short Bible story at the top of each page and the related activity below.
Help children learn while discovering their favorite Bible stories through mazes, dot to dots, spot the mistake, and many more. The laminated pages can be wiped clean for use again and again and includes a felt-tip pen so children can get started right away.
My Review:
This is a great activity book for children of all ages!  A terrific present for Christmas or birthdays!  Your little ones can have hours of fun then just wipe off the pages and start again!  It's a wonderful way to help children look more about the Bible!
Thank you to Kregel Publications for providing me with the complimentary copy for my honest review.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Wounded Women of the Bible: Finding Hope When Life Hurts, by Dena Dyer and Tina Samples


Imploding relationships, incapacitating losses, injurious personal mistakes, or spiritual failures--whatever the issue, the wounds are the same. Whether it's a lapse in judgment by Bathsheba or the moral failure of the women's ministry leader in your local church; the spiritual insensitivity of Martha or the compulsive obsessions of your church's care circle chairwoman; the terror of an abandoned single mother like Hagar or the struggling single mother in your prayer group--the time and circumstances are different, but the wounds are equally deep and spiritually devastating. Dena Dyer and Tina Samples get it. They have their own stories of pain before healing--along with similar experiences of their families and friends. Offering more than pat affirmations or vicarious shoulders to cry on, Dena and Tina delve deep into the shared emotions and injuries that women of all ages have in common--and move readers toward the recovery and healing that only God can provide. No matter what hurts you've experienced, Wounded Women of the Bible proves that God understands and that healing is not only His intention but His delight! This is a book not to be missed!

My Review:

LOVE LOVE LOVE this book!  Reading this book is like having a conversation with two of your friends.  The book is very simple to read and it flows quickly.  Once I started, I couldn't put it down.  I cried and laughed more than once while reading the book and to me that means it's a great book. 

Some time ago, I had a friend, well someone I thought was my friend, and it turned out they were not.  They choose to let our friendship go so they could fit in with another group.  I was hurt, bitter, and didn't understand.  But reading this book helped me to look at things in a different light.  I am no longer bitter towards them at all. 

In this book, you will also learn more in-depth about wounded women of the Bible and how they were able to overcome what life had in store for them.

There are questions at the end of the book that will be great for a small study group.

I plan to keep this book on my shelf as a go to book.  This would also make a great gift for someone that you know is struggling with different issues in their lives. 

There are very few books I give a 5 ***** rating to but this is one of those!  Simply wonderful!

Thank you to Kregel Publications for the complimentary copy for my review and thank you to Dena and Tina for writing such a well written, easy to read book!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

within my grasp..a double amputee's true story by mike penketh


Trauma surgeons were forced to amputate the hands of American Airlines Captain Mike Penketh following a horrific accident that nearly killed him. Although the course of his life was unalterably changed, he was determined against all odds to fly airplanes again. He fought for two years to regain his pilot’s license and, while he never flew Boeing 737s again, he went on to fly aerobatics shows to prove to himself and the naysayers that he could do it. Within My Grasp is an inspirational autobiography about the challenges of coping with a disability, and learning how to focus on what you can do, rather than what you cannot do.

My Review:

We all have days where we think we are having a bad day and joking say I want to start the day over or that we want to go to bed early.  Then the next day wake up and think "oh yesterday wasn't too bad".

Well imagine waking up and coming to grips over time that you have been critically injured in an accident and you are now a double amputee!  That is something my friends that can not be changed by just going to bed early and waking up the next morning.

This is an awesome inspirational book!  It's one of those books that when you read it you realize the problems you were complaining out are not so big at all!

Mike Penketh does an excellent job telling his story and helping the reader learn what it is like to learn how to cope with just a disability and most importantly to focus on what YOU CAN DO! And he does it in a way that is inspirational NOT wanting the reader to feel sorry for him.

This is a definite must read!

Thank you to the author for sending me a complimentary copy for my review.

With Unwashed Hands by Joanie Bolton


Joanie Bolton is married, with two married sons and four grandchildren.

When her husband Darrell retired from the U. S. Air Force, he directed his energies into short-term mission trips to several countries, many of them third-world countries. Because Joanie has joined him on several trips, she was present when a doctor’s mistreatment of her husband almost took his life. As they finally began to tell the graphic details and almost unbelievable experiences of their 2011 mission trip, nearly all who heard have insisted, “Please, please write a book!” The details of what they experienced show how God powerfully spared Darrell's life, and at the same time tenderly carried them through some perilous and heartbreaking times. Book includes 26 pictures from their incredible journey. A portion of the proceeds of the book "With Unwashed Hands" will go to help fund future missions trips for MVP Missions.

My Review:

Regardless of whom you believe in, this story will touch your heart as a true testament to divine intervention.

 Imagine if you will, you are in a foreign country. And while you are there, you become critically ill. What would you do? How would you pay for the bills? And if that isn't enough to be dealing with, you receive devastating news from back home?

The Boltons went through all of that while they were on a missionary trip overseas. This book is definitely a must read that details the heart wrenching, faith testing, and courage filled journey they went through.

You can find out more about the Boltons and this book at

Thank you to the author for providing me with a complimentary copy of the book for my review.