Monday, September 9, 2013

Wounded Women of the Bible: Finding Hope When Life Hurts, by Dena Dyer and Tina Samples


Imploding relationships, incapacitating losses, injurious personal mistakes, or spiritual failures--whatever the issue, the wounds are the same. Whether it's a lapse in judgment by Bathsheba or the moral failure of the women's ministry leader in your local church; the spiritual insensitivity of Martha or the compulsive obsessions of your church's care circle chairwoman; the terror of an abandoned single mother like Hagar or the struggling single mother in your prayer group--the time and circumstances are different, but the wounds are equally deep and spiritually devastating. Dena Dyer and Tina Samples get it. They have their own stories of pain before healing--along with similar experiences of their families and friends. Offering more than pat affirmations or vicarious shoulders to cry on, Dena and Tina delve deep into the shared emotions and injuries that women of all ages have in common--and move readers toward the recovery and healing that only God can provide. No matter what hurts you've experienced, Wounded Women of the Bible proves that God understands and that healing is not only His intention but His delight! This is a book not to be missed!

My Review:

LOVE LOVE LOVE this book!  Reading this book is like having a conversation with two of your friends.  The book is very simple to read and it flows quickly.  Once I started, I couldn't put it down.  I cried and laughed more than once while reading the book and to me that means it's a great book. 

Some time ago, I had a friend, well someone I thought was my friend, and it turned out they were not.  They choose to let our friendship go so they could fit in with another group.  I was hurt, bitter, and didn't understand.  But reading this book helped me to look at things in a different light.  I am no longer bitter towards them at all. 

In this book, you will also learn more in-depth about wounded women of the Bible and how they were able to overcome what life had in store for them.

There are questions at the end of the book that will be great for a small study group.

I plan to keep this book on my shelf as a go to book.  This would also make a great gift for someone that you know is struggling with different issues in their lives. 

There are very few books I give a 5 ***** rating to but this is one of those!  Simply wonderful!

Thank you to Kregel Publications for the complimentary copy for my review and thank you to Dena and Tina for writing such a well written, easy to read book!

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