Thursday, October 24, 2013

Highfall by Ani Alexander


What if early on your life changed drastically several times? What if you were betrayed more than once? Would you have the courage to fall in love again? How do you choose if you love two men at the same time? Will you be able to leave the past behind? These are the questions Annika asks herself in the novel Highfall. Annika falls down many times but never gives up and always gets back on her feet. Her life is one long roller-coaster with the unexpected at every turn. As a result she turns from unassuming teenager into a strong woman. The book includes different facets of life, such as love, drugs, loss, despair and hope. Although it reads more like fiction than biography, it is in fact based on a true story.

My Review:

I read this book, start to finish, in three hours one evening when I couldn't sleep.  That was a bad idea!  I couldn't get to sleep then!  The book left me wanting more!  I couldn't get enough! 

In this novel, which is based on a true story, you will first meet Annika.  Other characters you will get to know is Stefan, Flame, Vasko, and Monica.  The book starts out in third person, as Annika is speaking.  Throughout the book, many of the characters will be speaking third person.   The book isn't hard to follow at all. 

I agree with other reviewers about the cover!  That is so Stefan!  That is what I pictured him to look like.

I'm hoping there is a sequel!  There are SO many questions!!

Thank you to the author for providing me with a complimentary copy for an honest review.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Cow-Pie Chronicles by James Butler


Ten-year-old Tim Slinger and his nine-year-old sister Dana face danger, excitement, and heartbreak in this story of life on a modern family farm. Though Tim (aka Poop Slinger) and "Devil" Dana engage in intense sibling rivalry that gets them both into hilarious situations with barns, ropes, farm animals, city-kid cousins, and each other, they are soon forced to confront unwanted changes when the farm is lost. As they face an alien world in town, Dana readily adapts to a new way of life while Tim resists, sending the siblings down separate but intersecting paths. Although an unexpected encounter puts Tim back into familiar surroundings, will life ever be the same? This fresh and humorous account of modern rural living brings a unique approach to the time-tested theme of families and communities coming together under challenging circumstances.

My review:

My oldest frugal isn't feeling well so this book arrived at the perfect time as they have been spending a lot of time laying around this weekend.

Here is the review:

My mom gave me the book, "The Cow-Pie Chronicles" and let me just say that the book was fantabulous!!  40 pages in and someone needed stitches!  LOL!  That's not good!

I like how at the ending it shows Tim 47 years later!

I thought it was funny as the author referred "cow chips" to "cow poop"!   I noticed the author used a lot of figurative language so that kept me interested or else I wouldn't have finished the book.

The author did a great job with the book and I would love to read more of his books!  I would recommend this book to children between the ages of 8 - 12!  This would be a great gift for someone too! It flowed really well and was easy to read!

My oldest read this book in a relatively short time.  We would hear laughter burst out and our discussion at dinner tonight was this book.  Before they read this book, they didn't even know what a cow pie was.

This would be a great book for school libraries, children's own library, and make a perfect stocking stuffer.

Thank you to the author to providing us a complimentary copy for our review and making our oldest frugal's bummer of a weekend turn into a better weekend!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Radical Practice of Loving Everyone by Michael J. Chase


Is “loving everyone” really possible, as the title of Michael J. Chase’s new book suggests? The answer may surprise you, as he chronicles his journey toward enlightenment, gaining insight from a very unlikely source – a four-legged guru named Mollie, who happens to be the most lovable yet mischievous dog in the world. In his attempt to understand her ability to unconditionally love all, Chase begins to see the world through his best friend’s eyes, especially during their morning walks. Mollie’s hilarious antics and maddening behavior ultimately lead to profound insights learned at the other end of the leash.
Written with heart and sidesplitting humor, this one-of-a-kind true story of friendship and a divine albeit outrageous dog delivers on its promise to reveal a pathway toward enlightenment . . . and brings each of us one step closer to loving everyone.

My Review:

I am a huge animal lover and I especially love dogs!  This book honestly brought tears to my eyes when I started reading the book and saw that the name of the main guru of this book is Mollie!  When I was younger, my Dad had a dog named Molly.  She was like another daughter to him and like a member of our family.  When she broke her back, I helped him nurse her back to health.  When she died at the age of 14 due to old age, we mourned like she was a member of the family.  In addition to our human family members, my Dad's dog taught us how much you could love something besides another human.

This is a book that is family friendly and a must have for all dog lovers!! 

I really enjoyed this book and I look forward to reading more of the author's books!  This book is a quick read that will have you laughing out loud! 

I learned a lot from Mollie and Michael in this book.  Sometimes all it takes it looking at things through the eyes of another.

Thank you to Hay House for sending me a complimentary copy for my review.

Where Have All The Pop Stars Gone? Vol 2 by Marti Smiley Childs and Jeff March


"Where Have All the Pop Stars Gone? -- Volume 2" tells the true life stories of 21 singers and musicians who achieved fame in the 1960s as soloists or members of hit-making bands -- the Buckinghams, Bobby Goldsboro, the Moody Blues, Donnie Brooks, Sam & Dave, Ray Stevens, and the Grass Roots. Authors Marti Smiley Childs and Jeff March obtained information about all artists from conversations with the performers themselves, and with family members and close friends of some of the deceased performers. The musical artists and others took part in refining the content to ensure accuracy. The book preserves conversations with three performers who have died since Childs and March spoke with them. These musical performers collectively recorded a total of 118 singles that reached the Billboard Hot 100 chart, including 19 that made the top 10, four that hit No. 1, and eight that earned gold-record certification from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Their recordings encompassed 17 singles on the R&B chart, including eight that reached the top 10 and two that hit No. 1; and 58 singles on the country chart, including five that peaked in the top 10, and one that hit No. 1. "Where Have All the Pop Stars Gone? -- Volume 2" contains 56 photos, 32 of which are rare or never previously published.

My Review:

Ray that is a name that takes me back to my childhood!  My Dad was a huge Ray Stevens fan.  I know many of his songs by heart!  I can remember listening to Bobby Goldsboro's "Honey" on the radio in my younger days too.  Who hasn't listened to The Moody Blues, The Buckinghams, Sam & Dave, The Grass Roots, and Donnie Brooks!  All of those names take me back as my parents loved listening to all types of music!

When I told my Mom I was reviewing this book she was excited to learn what had happened to these Pop Stars as that was her "Journey, REO Speedwagon, and Chicago" of her time.

This really is a must for those who enjoyed this music!  The authors do a fantastic job with this book.  This book is about the formation and beginning of each of the musician's careers and conversations with their friends and families. 

After reading the book, you will agree that the authors took the time to research.  They did an amazing job with this book!

I highly recommend this book!

Thank you to the authors for providing me with a complimentary copy for my review!