Thursday, October 24, 2013

Highfall by Ani Alexander


What if early on your life changed drastically several times? What if you were betrayed more than once? Would you have the courage to fall in love again? How do you choose if you love two men at the same time? Will you be able to leave the past behind? These are the questions Annika asks herself in the novel Highfall. Annika falls down many times but never gives up and always gets back on her feet. Her life is one long roller-coaster with the unexpected at every turn. As a result she turns from unassuming teenager into a strong woman. The book includes different facets of life, such as love, drugs, loss, despair and hope. Although it reads more like fiction than biography, it is in fact based on a true story.

My Review:

I read this book, start to finish, in three hours one evening when I couldn't sleep.  That was a bad idea!  I couldn't get to sleep then!  The book left me wanting more!  I couldn't get enough! 

In this novel, which is based on a true story, you will first meet Annika.  Other characters you will get to know is Stefan, Flame, Vasko, and Monica.  The book starts out in third person, as Annika is speaking.  Throughout the book, many of the characters will be speaking third person.   The book isn't hard to follow at all. 

I agree with other reviewers about the cover!  That is so Stefan!  That is what I pictured him to look like.

I'm hoping there is a sequel!  There are SO many questions!!

Thank you to the author for providing me with a complimentary copy for an honest review.

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