Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Radical Practice of Loving Everyone by Michael J. Chase


Is “loving everyone” really possible, as the title of Michael J. Chase’s new book suggests? The answer may surprise you, as he chronicles his journey toward enlightenment, gaining insight from a very unlikely source – a four-legged guru named Mollie, who happens to be the most lovable yet mischievous dog in the world. In his attempt to understand her ability to unconditionally love all, Chase begins to see the world through his best friend’s eyes, especially during their morning walks. Mollie’s hilarious antics and maddening behavior ultimately lead to profound insights learned at the other end of the leash.
Written with heart and sidesplitting humor, this one-of-a-kind true story of friendship and a divine albeit outrageous dog delivers on its promise to reveal a pathway toward enlightenment . . . and brings each of us one step closer to loving everyone.

My Review:

I am a huge animal lover and I especially love dogs!  This book honestly brought tears to my eyes when I started reading the book and saw that the name of the main guru of this book is Mollie!  When I was younger, my Dad had a dog named Molly.  She was like another daughter to him and like a member of our family.  When she broke her back, I helped him nurse her back to health.  When she died at the age of 14 due to old age, we mourned like she was a member of the family.  In addition to our human family members, my Dad's dog taught us how much you could love something besides another human.

This is a book that is family friendly and a must have for all dog lovers!! 

I really enjoyed this book and I look forward to reading more of the author's books!  This book is a quick read that will have you laughing out loud! 

I learned a lot from Mollie and Michael in this book.  Sometimes all it takes it looking at things through the eyes of another.

Thank you to Hay House for sending me a complimentary copy for my review.

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