Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Walk One Winter Night by Al Andrews


What started as a simple, late night stroll to clear his head from the hassles of the season turned into something that can only be described as...real.

My review:

All of us know how hectic the holiday season can be.  This year I've even started working on my holiday planning now so hopefully I can spend more time enjoying the season and not being stressed out.  I want to show my children the true reason why we celebrate Christmas and what is really means.  And to start some new family traditions.

That is why I really loved this book.  It is very simple and to the point.  How many times have YOU walked past a manager scene at Christmas and not thought much of it?  You expect to see that scene.  But have you really THOUGHT about those people in the scene. How many times during the holiday season are you rushing around trying to get things finished, making a quick trip to the store, realizing you forgot a host gift?

This is a perfect gift for someone you love.  This is one of those books that stops you in your tracks while reading. 

Thank you to "First Look" blog tour by Worthy Publishing for providing me with a complimentary copy of this book.

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