Saturday, December 7, 2013

Author Interview with Vincent Eke

What age did you start writing/have an interest in writing?

I have been writing since the last 10 years. However I have always loved books, reading. The idea of been an Author has always appealed to me. It was one of my goals/dream growing up from the day I came across some cockroach and rat eaten books - textbooks and novels - owned by my older siblings.

Does your inspiration come from your childhood in Africa?


I have always found the stories I heard growing up in Nigeria, Africa about the Animal, Plants, the Spirit World and Humans very fascinating. The story in my book ‘Mama’s Tales of Kanji - The Turtle’s Shell’ is similar and is about almost everybody’s favourite wisest animal – the Turtle – called Tobi and the troubles he got himself and family into. 

How much time goes into writing a book, including research and publishing?

Now that is an interesting question.

A book could take one a lifetime or a day to write. This book took has taken me several years to write on & off. It has gone through hundreds of re-writes and re-reads by me. Then it spend a couple more years sitting idle in the side burner while the rest of my life too precedence. My other forth coming book has taken me only a few months to write. But I did not do much with this current book until now. I had put it on the back-burner to go back to college in UCC. After completing my degree, I decided that it is time to follow and pursue my dream. The sting of refusal letters from some traditional publishers forced me to look at other options for publishing my work. After much thought and research I decided to establish and form my own publishing company – Lionpen Publishing - to publish my books. I am glad I did because I have learnt a lot of things from the moment I made that decision.

Do you have any say on the cover of your books and the illustrations?

I gave the illustrator the exact description of the images and how I want the cover of my book to look like.

However, I did get some help picking the final cover illustration. The primary school students in my local Educate Together NS in Carrigaline made my manuscript into a school project. They Read it, Commented on the best bits of three cover samples which I then put together to come up with the final Book Cover. I want to say a big ‘Thank You’ to all of them including the Principal and Teachers too.



Tell us a little bit about "The Turtles Shell"

Book Title:      The Turtle's Shell (Mama's Tales of Kanji)

Available in all formats and in most online and offline book stores


Book Description:

The Turtle's Shell tells the story of Tobi, a smart turtle who thinks he can get away with deceiving his friends. He ends up learning a few shell cracking lessons. This friendly easy-to-read book shows children how our everyday actions and decisions always consequences. This story also draws attention to the nuggets of wisdom embedded in African cultural stories which can be emulated by any child whatever their racial background.


ISBN numbers:
ISBN 978-1-909688-01-8 (Kindle eBook)
ISBN 978-1-909688-02-5 (ePub eBook)
ISBN 978-1-909688-00-1 (Paperback)


Paperback:                   $15.99

Kindle Edition:           $2.99 USD

ePub Edition:              $2.99 USD




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