Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Wacky World of Wendy White - A Whopper of a Tale by Barbara Ann Bonilla


A fun and tasty read for eaters of all ages! With over a hundred unexpected food references hidden in the rhyming prose, this FAST-paced FOOD adventure will have you coming back for seconds. When precocious Wendy turns twelve years old, she summons up the courage to venture out from her lonely white castle, and begins an adventure that will change many lives forever. All she wanted was a little fast food, a bit of excitement and a visit with her old friend, Denny. Instead, she embarks on a journey, frightening at times, with unexpected turns, new friendships and the chance for the family she always dreamed of. Things go from bad to better in this captivating trilogy that spans many exciting years, and proves patience, persistence and optimism can pay off big time. This heartwarming story will keep you laughing and second guessing your intuition from start to finish. Grab some milk and cookies. You might get hungry in the wacky world of Wendy White.

My Review:

This was one of the most original thought out book I have ever read!  I actually read it more than once.  I can honestly say I was starved when I finished reading it!

The author did a terrific job keeping your attention throughout from the beginning to the end.  As I read the story to my oldest, there were a few times we had to stop and think, "now what restaurant was that?". 

You could make this book a game by reading aloud and seeing who can identify the restaurant.

This would definitely make a great gift for your favorite little one!

Thank you to the author for providing me with a complimentary copy for my honest review.

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