Monday, January 6, 2014

How The Octopus Got Eight Arms


When Oscar Octopus meets—and is smitten by—the lovely Sharkey McGhee, they begin to date: strolling the ocean floor arm in arm, dining out, and going to the movies. Shortly after their fairy tale wedding, they are blessed by eight offspring. The trouble is that Oscar doesn’t have enough arms to hold them all! In this delightfully illustrated book, you’ll discover how Oscar adjusts to the demands of family life…and how the octopus got eight arms!

My Review:

This book is a great myth book!  As an adult, you must remember that when you are reading the book.  I agree with other reviewers that this is a great way to teach children (ages 5 - 9) about myths.

In this book you will be introduced to Oscar Octopus (a octopus), who only has two arms.  He meets Sharkey McGhee (a shark) and they fall in love.

Soon afterwards they have a family and when Sharkey has to leave due to a family emergency, Daddy (Oscar) is left to care for their eight children. 

What happens next will explain to the younger children how octopuses got eight arms. (Remember it is a myth).

At times I would love to have four arms....six extra arms would be great!!

This is a cute book and the children will enjoy the illustrations.

Thank you to the author for providing me with a complimentary copy of the book for my review.

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