Sunday, January 5, 2014

My Pack - Burney the Hollywood Puppy by Walter F. Todd


Meet Burney, a shih tzu puppy who was born in Minnesota and sold to a Beverly Hills pet store. He misses his pack-mates but quickly forms a new bond with Stacey, the aspiring actor who purchases him from the pet store. With his new pack-mate, Burney experiences the joy and adventure of living in Hollywood.

A loving and friendly puppy, he meets actors, policemen, robbers, and even has a part in a movie! His great joy is romping on the beach, running in big circles, and meeting other dogs and people. In the first three months of his life, Burney wards off a robber with deadly intent; is frightened by a monkey during an audition; breaks two toes when a woman with spiked heels steps on him; and is sprayed by a skunk. During a romp in Griffith Park, Burney makes a gruesome discovery and inadvertently helps the local police department solve a murder investigation, leading him to become an honorary member of the K-9 Platoon. This little pup has lived an exciting life—and it’s only just begun!

My Review:

In this book, you will meet Burney, a shih Tzu puppy who was born in the Midwest and sold to a pet store in Beverly Hills. 

You will follow his story as he is adopted by Stacey and learns to adapt to his crazy new lifestyle.

His life is like so many of the new dreamers who flock to Hollywood.  He has his ups and downs, has the once in a lifetime chance to become famous,

This is a cute book and would be great for readers between the ages of 8 - 12. 

Thank you to the author, who provided a copy of the book for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.

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