Monday, January 6, 2014

Rator Ravine by James Butler


Raptor Ravine is an adventure novel with the heart of E.T. and the tension of Jurassic Park set in the Oregon Coast Mountains. A boy fleeing a cougar attack falls into an ancient ravine and returns home with a mysterious new pet. The creature causes conflict in his family and entanglements with his friends as they struggle to care for it and find out what it is. Native American friends stir emotions with legends of a spirit beast that haunts the ravine. But when a paleontologist identifies it as something related to the dinosaur age, family and friends join together in the fight to protect the creature and
 its home. It takes a heroic stand by the boy in a primeval forest to convince the owner of the ravine it must be saved from exploitation and disaster.

My Review:

This review is by my oldest and in their own words:


"I loved the book.  At first it sounded realistic then as went on reading it switched to fantasy because of the creature.  I like the entire story just by itself and that the story uses different types of story elements.  I think kids 9+ should read the book."

Once my oldest started reading the book, F finished the book within three hours from beginning to end.

F gave it "5 STARS".  Definitely a great book for boys and girls.

Thank you to the author for sending us a copy of the book for our honest review.

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